1000 Likes: A Big Thank You To All My Readers

Hi, all! I just wanted to write a sincere thank you note to all my readers and followers of my blog. Since starting this site in late July 2019, my posts have reached over 1000 likes! (I’ve also managed to post over 100 posts, too.)

I’m so glad that I have readers such as yourselves who enjoy reading what I post and keep coming back to check in to view what is new. Thank you so much for taking the time out of your days to read what I have to say. It certainly warms my heart and I appreciate your presence here on my site. I’m so grateful and appreciative that you want to read my stories. I hope to see you returning for more!


Alice xo

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Story example: Bubble of Happiness – 22/07/19

A bubble of happiness – what’s inside of yours?

Happiness in a bubble: what does it mean to you? To some, it means love, health, protection or security, and to others it means materialism and fortunes of the wealthy. To me, right now, happiness means this single fried chicken drumstick, food is my current mood, and I would say the state and growth of my appetite is rather inflamed and in itself quite wildly drastic. 

The delicate crunch of the perfectly fried skin causes happiness to grow within me, such happiness deep within, while the soft inner meat of rich texture cushions my gnarling toothy, gnashing grin. Such bliss in this moment, a simple bite into an affordable treat, causes shiver of delight, permeating within.

To many in this world, food is happiness, and for those who have it in readiness, individuals such as you and I, we should feel utterly satisfied and blessed. For the many starving within the world have no other choice than to become fainter and more gaunt, their bubble of happiness might simply be a piece of bread, or an apple, anything to chew or crunch. 

Work on your bubble of happiness, internally caressing it day by day, nurture what is important to you, during the morning, midday, afternoon and evening, even when you lay in bed awake. And then continue to dream of your hopes and your chased dreams, for achieving your happiness is as important as it truly seems.

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