Story example: Sheila the Bear’s 2nd Birthday – 19/07/19

Sheila was delighted: her birthday had arrived!

The day had arrived! A beary happy birthday for Sheila indeed, today was her second birthday, she’d been counting down the days for the last three weeks. She could barely remember her last birthday, she was just that bit too young, but her Mama and Papa bear assured her that today would be such utter fun.

She had invited her class of thirty bears, squirrels, rabbits and other animals, to a spectacular party set up outside in the woods, where there was a fairground set up, with dodgem cars, spinning rides, even an inflatable bouncing castle exploration with many side and front rooms. 

With glee, Shiela had laid her eyes upon her birthday party surprise, her parents had kept the set up a secret from her, and rushing over to the dodgems she began to settle herself into the one and only pink princess car. She drove around while waiting for her friends’ imminent arrival, she was a fierce racer it seemed, the extra practice she was getting in would surely result in the beating of the other teams! 

When the guests arrived, they had a grand old time with the fairground of her special day, the only problem though was all the animals could not use the inflatable castle today. Why not? It is enough to answer, the claws of her class of creatures were too sharp and punctured the castle with multiple holes. It was a downright shame as the castle was merely a hire for the day, not owned by them and surely worth thousands of dollars, how Shiela’s parents groaned. 

But it was her special day and nothing would allow their daughter’s happiness to come undone, lovely Mama Bear and Papa Bear distracted them all from disappointment with a lilting song. 

“Come for the honey, come for the oats, come for the cupcakes, come for the fairy bread and marmalade toast! Allow us all to eat, young ones!” With a smile they led the animals inside, where Shiela’s massive birthday cake awaited them all, causing great widened smiles and tummies rumbling inside. 

Despite the puncturing of the castle the day was deemed a great success, for this would be a very special day for Shiela for remember, many memories of the day, she felt extremely blessed.

By Alice Well (LMH)  

© 2019 Alice Well Art, Lauren M. Hancock, also known as Alice Well. All rights reserved.

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Story example: Billy the Cheeriest Rainbow Whale – 16/07/19

Billy the Cheeriest Rainbow Whale’s life was grand.

By Alice Well (LMH) (c)

Billy the Cheeriest Rainbow Whale was happy, joyous as could be. He loved to smile from awakening, through the day, to the evenings, even during his breakfast, lunch and tea! He had much to be satisfied and grateful for: a wealthy relaxed life, a happy contented wife, but most of all his rainbow colouring pleased him so much that with each shimmer and sparkle he felt unique and wanted to view more. 

They were the colours that flecked in his eyes, the abounding beauty that brightened his mood and caused a loving sigh, for wherever the rainbow would be, Billy would be most happy. He felt electrified each moment, knowing that during any ill mood a glance at his rubbery bright blubber would solve it. 

Billy was the only rainbow coloured whale among his pod of whales, the only whale who could light the darkness without a chance to fail. He lit the way for so many wayward young male and female whales, when he redirected their poor life choices by reflecting their disabling inner lights by shining his onto theirs, assistance to rectify themselves. 

He was a leader of sorts in the pod, without it being made official, yet one day his role here was taken down due to a useless past principle. He had performed some shameless tasks in his former life, one such an eating of pearls and clams that were others though he’d claimed them loudly as “MINE!!!” It was a secret occurrence that he was embarrassed to reveal to anyone, but a nasty such and such from his past revealed it to everyone, and thrown from grace was Billy, and now outcast from the pod, utterly saddened and alone was he.

His wife stood by his side but the rest of the crew were beyond forgiving this Billy and chose to side with the such and such.

So off Billy and his wife went, in search of more pleasant waters, where his efforts at reschooling the wayward youth would be appreciated, and his past neither revealed again, nor pondered. 

In life one must preach and teach forgiveness and practice it with zeal, while others may have lived or been living with mistakes, of their current lives these mistakes should no longer be judged or frowned upon if they are living with positivity, humility and good will. If the lessons learned match the lessons which have been taught then move from the past will he or she, acceptance and self understanding and forgiveness is of most import, it is a personal locket and key. 

By Alice Well (LMH)

© 2019 Alice Well Art, Lauren M. Hancock, also known as Alice Well. All rights reserved.

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