Story example: Angela the World Travelling Kitty – 03/08/19

World Traveller Angela had seen the world all over. Since her early retirement from being a librarian at the age of twenty five, she had been globetrotting bi-annually and enjoyed every moment of it, travel truly served and suited her. She loved to collect souvenirs from each country that she stepped paw in, and her recent favourite item was a straw hat worn while working in the rice fields. She had spray painted it golden to make it shine even more, the sheen drawing the attention of everyone she saw. She enjoyed being noticed for her unique fashion choices, for no one in her home country would wear such a hat that was so bright and alive. That being said, there were no rice fields in her country to be attended to, and for some reason, while wearing the hat, this made Angela feel rather sad and blue.

On one trip back to Asia, she decided to visit the rice fields of Philippines and China, and she marvelled at their visual beauty, their well arranged inner structure. She watched the workers, wearing the same hats that she did, working arduously in the fields, their energy expenditure could clearly be seen. Angela wanted to join in, to assist them if she could, she asked, “Can I help, if I can?” With a slow movement one worker stood straightened and said, “Are you a mere kitten with not much power?” Shocked, aghast, at the worker’s forwardness, she shadowed her eyes from the brightened sun and said, “I may be a feline, but this doesn’t mean I have no labouring skills, give me a test, try my skills, the soon to be absorbed knowledge in my head.”

Wary now, unsure, uncertain of himself, the worker thought and thought, wondering, what did he have to lose, aside from stressors affecting his health? For if he allowed this cat, a mere kitten, reign of performing his tasks, why wouldn’t this mean he could finally rest for a morning tea break, he had been waiting for it, here it would come, at long last! He would not be exploiting her, surely not, he was simply trying to gain a positive break for himself, this was the point in the spot, and hastily, hurriedly, he gave Angela the Cat a place, to work at for the rest of the day at a dutifully acceptable pace.

She didn’t mind the work, and when she stopped here and there she was able to talk and share stories with others nearby to her. She slowly began to made friends, and she realised that this was a perfect place for a working holiday, a means of earning money, being less bored with having too much time on her usual holidays for her to enjoy. And during the nights and on the weekends, the city streets she could explore, the restaurants and the hideaways, why, with work and exploration now she would never be bored. She was so thankful that she had been afforded this change, to be offered a place of employment where she felt she fitted in at last, it was as though this was a new chapter in her life, a new page to view, here she was accepted, not outcast.

Now Angela spends her time split from home and overseas and rice field work, although it was tiresome, backbreaking labour, she felt physically strengthened and found. While her time in the library was rewarding, it was somewhat isolating, she enjoyed the fields more for the physical aspect and means of permitted, yet reigned in socialising. She had found her place finally, at the age of thirty three.  

© 2019 Alice Well Art, Lauren M. Hancock, also known as Alice Well. All rights reserved.

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Story example: Flat the Cat – 13/07/19

(c) by Alice Well (LMH)

Flat the Cat was exactly that, despite sporting a large jovial bow and a head of tight curls as a feline hat. She occupied a large surface area, and when she looked at how much, she became further dismayed and would begin to shudder. For Flat was self conscious, though she need not be, she used to be young, light, carefree and much more sprightly. But the irony was this, to her kittens she used to preach, it is what is on the inside that counts, do not listen when others try to bully or negatively ‘teach’.

For the bullies had often caused her kittens to feel down and she always wanted their moods bubbly, or at least somewhat round, a curved pleasant shape if one were to describe a mood, a bubble of sorts, rainbow coloured in hue!

Yet here Flat was, moaning and groaning about her size, of her apparent unworthy appearance, why, she should take the negatives thoughts away, push them from her stride! For living with sadness was terribly rough, she needed a cheering up of sorts, something wonderful enough.

So she invited her friend over, she was skilled with her paws, she manipulated and melded Flat’s hair into cascading ribbons and curls. And as Flat stared at the final project, her reflection before her very eyes, with surprise she spotted the sparkle and gleam that she thought never would be viewed or experienced again, now she made a pact and would decide. To be happy and grateful for her life, to not become self conscious of things that life had thrown in her path, in the way of her life’s ride. 

She was perfect as she was, an exterior and interior so beautiful had she, she flipped her curls with dramatic flair and chuckled into the air sounding and feeling so pleased. 

By Alice Well (LMH) 

© 2019 Alice Well Art, Lauren M. Hancock, also known as Alice Well. All rights reserved.


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