Lauren M. Hancock also known as Alice Well

Lauren M. Hancock is the author and illustrator of “Our Whimsical World: Illustrated Stories” and is an artist, writer, and musician who also creates under the name of Alice Well. She loves to explore and express her imagination through her creations, placing them on paper or canvas to share with others, to elicit a smile, a chuckle, or a moment of thoughtful pondering.

Lauren enjoys creating bold, colourful images, and writing stories or pieces to stand side by side with her artwork. Her sense of humour often shines through her work. Lauren’s passion for words melds with her vision for her whimsical style of art.

She also enjoys writing poetry and prose to explore and express her innermost feelings and life experiences.

Personal Introduction

My name is Lauren M. Hancock also known as Alice Well. My pen name is a play on words of how when I am in zone of creation, ‘all is well’ within me. Think of Alice as being my extrovert, online self, and myself, Lauren, as being careful and articulate, yet still retaining my humorousness and flamboyance.

I love to create joyous images, bright and bold, to allow others to smile or giggle. My love of words allows me to share a background, or link, if you will, between the backstory of an image’s character or characters, what their stories are, a glimpse into their world. There is happiness and joy all around us, after all. All we need to do is just open our eyes to them…

I’ve always been interested in creative writing and illustration, from a very young age. I have always wanted to be an author, and when I was a young girl in Year 6, aged 12, one of my future aspirations was to become a children’s book author and illustrator. I have achieved this dream in 2019.

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One of my biggest artistic achievements was receiving a subject score of 50/50 for Studio Arts statewide in my final year of secondary school education. I had painted three large thematically linked images – a triptych – with oil paint on large pieces of plywood, in which I explored society’s effect upon the individual and its pressure upon a person for conformity of image.

What I love is sitting down and creating art. I can get lost in the process so easily. This is my release, and the words that accompany them make me smile, laugh, or feel positive that I’m creating something with a message for my viewers and readers. My target audience ranges from young to old – I feel there is always a little something for everyone in my work.


About My Work

I love to create bright, bold artworks that have a fun, whimsical feel about them. My aim is to cause a smile, a sense of delight, a moment of happiness within the viewer. The majority of my images are accompanied by short stories which I have written, and together, I have them work side-by-side to complement one another. Sometimes though, the meaning or sense of feeling is a little darker, when I wish to place a certain emphasis on a more serious learning point or measure.

Generally, I like to share my sense of humour through my artwork and words, creating a feeling of amusement, and also allowing my readers to relate to the characters’ back stories. I certainly enjoy making interesting of the mundane, pairing characters with certain quirky stories, or unexpected objects within their drawings that could cause a sense of hilarity or joy to be drawn forth from the reader and viewers. I have a particular, peculiar sense of humour and imagination that I find amusing to share with my target audience through my art and words.

My stories though, are not merely for creating a sense of amusement or delight. Within most of these, I carefully embed messages on how to live better, or to display a certain moral lesson to follow or learn. Some tales may not be as delightful or happy as others, but they still have an intent behind them to share a message.

My target audiences are for both young and old and in between, and with my work, lessons can be learned while reading a little story. However, generally speaking, stories here are more geared towards intermediate, young adults, and adult readers.

Why Soft Pastel?

My favourite medium to work with is soft pastel, for the vibrancy really appeals to me, and they are so malleable to use. The ease that soft pastels has appeals greatly to me, for my aim is create artwork that almost, quite literally, pops off the page. While I do occasionally dabble with oil and acrylic paints on canvas, this is rare for me nowadays. I prefer to stay with the pastel, for it is a medium I am most comfortable with.

Some examples for my artwork and stories/poems can be viewed in ‘All Posts’ and ‘More Examples of My Artwork’ in the menu above.

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