Lauren M. Hancock

also known as Alice Well

Author, Artist, Illustrator and Writer

Hi! Welcome to my website, it’s nice to meet you. Thanks for taking the time to visit! My name is Lauren M. Hancock, also known as ‘Alice Well’, of Alice Well Art. I’m an artist, illustrator, and writer. When I create art and write, I am in my zone; ‘All is well’ within me. Think of Alice as being my extrovert, online self, and myself, Lauren, as being careful and articulate, yet still retaining my humorousness and flamboyance.

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Latest Posts Excerpts:

  • Poetry: The Farthest Light Away – 14/11/19
    She glows from within. Her thoughtful, ponderous eyes focus on that which is unfocused, the worldly others farther away, further, further, but of the complexities they hold, she projects them from her sense of being, internally of them she is freeing. Her connection with the light may not make any sense to others, those observers, those outsiders, but she does … Read more
  • Poem: Coulda, Woulda, Should – 12/11/19
    As I sit upon that mountain top of coulda, woulda, should, I wonder to myself what would happen if I actually would with my actions do.   The methods of my madness, the truth among the omission of lies, my projected sense of attitude determined to succeed before all sets of eyes. Where the observers sit awaiting, watching carefully as … Read more
  • Poetry: An Eyesore – 11/11/19
    Herein lies this creature, the cause for great alarm. Idly he stares at you, dead socket, your heart beats, skips and thumps.   You’ve never seen a thing like this, the glassy glossy sheen is making you spin, there’s nothing living beneath the surface, surely? Though you’re still frightened, this creature makes you feel so nervous and utterly poorly.   … Read more

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